Catalogues and Monographs

Pavel Filonov

Artist, Researcher, Teacher


Sergei Popov. The Other Art Always

A History of Modern Russian Art. Collection of Viktor Bondarenko

WAM Magazine

WAM No. 17


WAM No. 1

Benozzo Gozzoli, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Roy Lichtenstein, and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Vase Painting

WAM No. 11,5

 Mona Lisa 500

WAM No. 10

 German Number

WAM No. 5

State Museum of Oriental Art

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Poster 101

Poster: The Best Gift 

Poster 100

Poster: Delivery by Mail 

Poster 102

Poster: To be Framed and Put under Glass

Poster 104

Poster: Art Belongs to the People 

Poster 103

Poster: Good Value 


War criminals

Would be good to publish… 

Auspice, 2010

 A Biennial of Creative Video. Guggenheim Museum and YouTube

Fester Addams and everything else

Would be good to publish…

The Art of Lithography

 Would be good to publish…


Calendar for the VimpelCom mobile telephone services company

My phone rang
Who is that, please? It's Elephant

Vodka. Project of Vladimir Lisin

Vodka is defined as a strong alcoholic beverage obtained by mixing rectified ethyl alcohol produced from comestibles with specially treated water, with this mixture being subsequently treated with activated carbon or modified starch and carefully filtered. Allowed to be consumed in small quantities on celebratory events.


Calendar for the RUSAL aluminum company

The set comprises 12 board games (or wall games?), two dice and six aluminum counters

Calendar for the Globex bank

A blue collar that doesn't dream of being white is a poor collar



"Poetry," a diary for the Rumelko company

Diaries are interesting things. Medieval and Renaissance poetry and fine arts

World of Adventure diary. Project of Vladimir Lisin

Diaries are interesting things. Fragments from some of the best adventure novels

"Club Life" diary. Project of Vladimir Lisin

Diaries are interesting things. Clubs for a victorious people

Last Century

Buy an Elephant!

Advertising posters for the MENATEP bank. There did exist such a bank - before Yukos. Works dating back to 1995 

"Heroin" poster

For the Social Posters exhibition in Lahti, Finland 

There is always room for technology

Series of advertising posters for DIAL Electronics, a well-known company a while ago; 1995 

Take aim more carefully

Advertisement page for the Reklamny Mir (World of Advertising) magazine. Won some prizes but it's  impossible to recall which; 1998